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Be a Clovia Partner - Join India’s fastest growing lingerie brand

Who is a Clovia partner?
Do you relate to any of these? If yes, then LET CLOVIA HELP.

A 29 year old entrepreneur, running her own women’s hostel. Wants to leave her impression in the field of direct selling too. Clovia Partner-11

Clovia Partner-12 Has been healing people as a part of Church ministry. Now wishes to explore the entrepreneurial journey.

Has been a support system in her husband’s business. Now, wishes to establish her own independent identity. Clovia Partner-13

Clovia Partner-14 An independent entrepreneur and a social person with a large friend circle. Wants to do something with it!

23 year old student with Master’s degree in Kathak & English. Wants to start earning and live the life of her dreams. Clovia Partner-15

Clovia Partner-16 Wants to break the streak of non-working women in her family by starting her independent venture.

Meet Our Partners

How to get started?

All you need is

a smartphone & a dream to make it big!

Get started in 3 simple steps

1. Fill in your details to register for free

2. You get your personalised consultant
site on Clovia and free gifts from Clovia
to showcase
Pay Rs. 1,999 to activate your website. Get free gifts worth Rs. 5,999 on-site activation.

3. Start selling!

Your Free Gifts will contain:

  • Products worth ₹ 5,999, which you can use as samples to showcase for strong product demos by showcasing their quality or for personal use.
  • A training manual:
    ‘Become an expert on lingerie styles & fits’ with online support videos
    ‘How to Sell’ proven methods and tips’

You also get:

  • Your personalised consultant site
  • A personal relationship manager
  • Refresher training on styles, fits and fabrics every month
  • Special offers every month
Clovia Partner-17

How your consultant site works?

How does Clovia help?
We arm you with 4 Ps of a Great Business:


Vouched for by over half a million women worldwide. Over 2000 styles live to be sold. 200 new
designs launched every month. Unique innovations that are not available in local market.

Attractive PRICES

Affordable prices making it easier for you to sell


We send you promotional material via Whatsapp and emails
regularly. Share them and let sales come to you automatically


We promise 100% satisfaction on our products and have a 15-day exchange/return policy*

PLUS, you get extensive TRAINING on Bra/Briefs styles and fits.

Most underwear shops are run by men. Our research says, that women discuss
their underwear problems with close friends and not with these shopkeepers.
This makes you the best person they could go to for advise. Just advise and
sales will happen automatically.

About Clovia

Clovia is India's fastest growing Lingerie, Loungewear, Activewear, Shapewear & Personal Care Brand.

  • Trusted by over 2.5M urban millennial Indian women.
  • 1 Clovia product gets sold every 5 seconds.
  • Shipped over 2.5Cr units.
  • Over 5Lc people engage with the brand every day.
  • 150 new designs launched every week.
  • Present across 15 lingerie & personal care categories.
  • Insta Icon 100+ Instagram Bloggers, 350+ Social Media Posts, 3 Million people engaged
  • Present across 12 lingerie categories
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Clovia is India’s fastest growing lingerie and sleepwear brand. We understand India and its fits and thus offer solution based lingerie to Indian women who have been stuck with vanilla & one-size-fits-all options from generations. Over 500,000 women love Clovia already and 1 Clovia bra and brief makes its way to their closet every 10 seconds. If we are able to add a little joy to the super stressful life of Indian women with our comfort, colours, #underfashion & style, we think our job is DONE!